Introduced in 2014, Film Offices provide State Tourism bodies and International Film commissions a platform to showcase their locations and incentives to filmmakers attending Film Bazaar.

Since Film Bazaar is attended by directors, producers, financiers, distributors, sales agents and film festival programmers from across the world, Film Offices is a great opportunity for Tourism bodies to connect with the Indian and International film fraternity.

Film Offices aim to sensitize Tourism bodies to the needs of the film industry, as well as acquaint the film fraternity about specific details of locations, incentives, and rebates offered by states and countries. This initiative benefits both the filmmaker and the state.

The Film Bazaar team schedules one-on-one meetings for the Tourism Board / Film Commission officials with Indian as well as International Producers / Filmmakers attending the Bazaar. The aim is to ensure that the Film Offices are able to pitch their locations to all leading filmmakers.

Anurag Basu

Filmmaker, India

“I got my next filming destination through Film Bazaar – it would be great to see more countries coming here and offering exact information related to film production and how it would be beneficial to a director.”



  • Film Office for 5 days (20 – 24 November)
  • Film Bazaar Accreditation for 2 persons
  • Two Single Occupancy Rooms at the Film Bazaar partner hotels
  • One Key branding spot at the Bazaar venue
  • One Advertisement in the Delegate Manual
  • Fliers / pendrives provided by the sponsor will be inserted in the delegate bags.
  • Cost of booking an office is INR 5,00,000 (USD 8,000) inclusive of taxes
  • Room Design DimensionRooms Design Film Office
  • Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

* Rooms will be made available on the 20th afternoon for set up.


To book a Film Office or have your queries addressed, please write to us at


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