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The Producers’ Workshop is an extensive five-day, closed-door program designed to cover all aspects to mobilize a film project for producers, entrepreneurs and filmmakers. The program is ideal for delegates/participants who have a potential project.

Over the course of the workshop, key industry professionals and domain experts from across the globe will share their knowledge and insights on different facets of producing films such as development, pitching, funding, budgeting, film markets, rights management & distribution.

While, how to make the project pitch-ready is the end deliverable of the program, the structure is further developed to include focussed interactions and group mentoring.

The sessions are integrated with other verticals of Film Bazaar to give an overview of the opportunities that the producing framework offers in both mainstream and independent cinema with the help of case studies of successful films

This year, Producers’ workshop will focus on getting your film out there!

  1. Shaping up the project for cross-cultural & cross-border audience
  2. Collaborations for project enhancement & risk-sharing
  3. Building the project for monetization in the domestic & international market

Producers’ Workshop will help you in constructing a winning pitch for your projects, which will be reviewed and advised upon by mentors, workshop advisors, and potential collaborators.


Before you begin, please read the Rules | Regulations for guidelines of the application process

For any further queries, please read the FAQs.

  • Applicants should be proficient in English.
  • The program is open to applicants from across the world.
  • Entries close on the specified deadline OR on the confirmation of the first 25 selected participants.

Entrepreneurs/Filmmakers/Producers in the field of Content creation and Media Professionals who have worked as Producers or Line/Supervising/Executive producers in either one of the following and completed the same : Feature-length film | Short film | Documentary film | Commercial | TV/Web Series |Advertising Producer| Entrepreneur with project on the anvil | Financier looking to debut in Film Producing.

Industry professionals will need

  • A short profile of the Applicant
  • A summary of past projects along with web-links
  • A current(probable) project which will be pitched*
  • Reason for applying to Producers’ Workshop (should not exceed 300 words)
  • An up-to-date passport sized photo
  • Company Logo (if applicable)

* Please mention the stage (pre-production, scripting, development) and the details (language, genre, format) of your project.

  • All applications are subject to the selection process. The selection is at discretion of Film Bazaar only.
  • Views and feedback of co-participants and mentors are their own. Film Bazaar is not liable for any loss or damage caused in the process.
  • Confirmation of participation is post completion of the listed eligibility criteria including payment of application fees
  • The Producers’ Workshop application fee INR 40,000/- includes the registration fee for Film Bazaar.
  • Film Bazaar will not cover travel and accommodation expenses of the participants.

  • Applications now open!
  • Deadline : November 10, 2022, until 11:59PM (midnight) IST
  • The Producers’ Workshop is held during the five days of Film Bazaar between 20 – 24 November, 2022.

Industry Professionals

  • INR 40,000/-*
  • If you are already a paid registered delegate for Film Bazaar 2022, the balance for the Producers’ workshop fee will be applicable to you.

* Inclusive of Producers’ Workshop application fee and Registration fee for Film Bazaar, and all taxes; exclusive of any/all bank charge(s). All fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

For further clarifications, write to

Queries over the phone or addressed to other FilmBazaar/NFDC email ids shall not be responded to.

Please note that the participation process of applicant to Producers’ Workshop 2022 is at the discretion of the Film Bazaar team.

NFDC Film Bazaar shall not be held responsible if the projects are not in conformity with the applicable laws including laws relating to intellectual property, racism, blasphemy, defamation and privacy. NFDC Film Bazaar hereby disclaims all liability arising from exhibition of the projects via the Producers’ Workshop.

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