The Knowledge Series consists of specially curated presentations, lectures and panel discussions with key decision makers and market drivers of the film industry.

Over multiple sessions during the four days of Film Bazaar, the Knowledge Series covers a wide range of topics including (but not limited to) the evolution of content through changing socio–economic structures, expanding genres, conventional and innovative platforms of distribution, various emerging co-production possibilities, international collaborations and treaties, and the art of navigating various film festivals and markets.

Among the speakers are business unit heads of major media corporations (studios/producers/distributors etc.), top executives of organisations connected with the film industry, independent aggregators and content providers from across the world.

Shekhar Kapur

Filmmaker, India

“Every lecture/discussion I attended was very well presented, thought out and people spoke openly and from the heart. It’s really essential to keep the ‘Knowledge Series’ alive and I wonder why it is only done just once a year. There is a mine of information from people that have thought deeply and spoken openly about what they care about. The place of film in our modern society is a changing landscape that we must all adapt to. The change is faster than we imagine.”


Restoring and Programming Classic Cinema for Contemporary Audiences

From Manuscript to Screenplays

India as a Global Content Hub

VOD Platforms - Challenges and Solutions in the Next Growth Phase

South Asian Content through the world Lens

Virtual Reality and New Film Narratives

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