The Viewing Room aims to present films seeking finishing funds, world sales, distribution partners and film festivals.

The films are viewed on individual computer terminals in private booths via a specially designed Viewing Room software. Film programmers, distributors, world sales agents and investors can watch complete films as well as films that are awaiting completion. They can access details about the respective projects as well as contact the filmmakers through this software.

To create a more user-friendly experience, viewers can choose to view the films on the basis of parameters like duration, language, stage of completion, type and festival history among others. Investors can also choose to view films which have applied specifically for finishing funds.

The Viewing Room allows access only to buyers, financiers, world sales agents and festival programmers.

Charles Tesson, Artistic
Director of La Semaine

De La Critique, Cannes

“Thank you for everything. The Viewing Room is a very useful place (information about the films, mail to the director and the producer, Film Bazaar recommends, etc), that’s the reason why, as you could see, I’ve spent a lot of time there”

Film Bazaar Recommends (FBR)

Film Bazaar Recommends, as the name suggests, are feature length films recommended specially by us from among the film submissions. Some of these films are seeking finishing funds, world sales, distribution partners and film festivals and are classified accordingly. This is a specially curated section by the Film Bazaar.

Projects selected for the FBR section will get a chance to show the trailers of their films to the investors attending Film Bazaar at the Investor Pitch sessions.

Film Library (FL)

All feature-length film submissions to the Viewing Room are showcased in a section called Film Library. These films are classified as documentary and fiction, and have either been completed or are in the last stages of post-production. This section gives viewers a wide selection of contemporary Indian-language films.

Short Films (SF)

Films with a running time of less than 60 minutes that are submitted to the Viewing Room are showcased in a category called Short Films.


Before you begin, please read the Rules | Regulations for guidelines on filling the online Application Form as well as Submission of Materials.

For any further queries, please read the FAQs.

  • The Viewing Room is open to all films from India and South Asia.
  • The films can be of any length and genre.
  • The films can be complete or in any stage of post-production.
  • Ideally, these films should be seeking finishing funds, world sales, distribution partners and/or film festivals.

All complete submissions that have paid the application fee by the due date will be showcased in the Viewing Room.

When you apply, you will need:

  • Details of the applicant (Director, Producer, Production company)
  • Synopsis (100 words max)
  • Director’s Note (100 words max)
  • Filmography of Director and Producer
  • A copy of the film in specified format (see Rules | Regulations)
  • Three stills of the submitted film
  • In case you are submitting your film via USB drive, please do not send any hard copy documents along with it.

  • Film Bazaar has the right to reject the film if guidelines and regulations are not adhered to and/or submissions are incomplete/ in wrong format/ past due date or any other reason specific to the film submitted. The decision of the Film Bazaar is final.
  • Filmmakers can opt for Viewing Room even if they are unable to be present at the Film Bazaar in Goa.
  • The Viewing Room software enables the person viewing the film to contact the filmmaker directly via email. Additionally, the email address provided by the filmmaker will also be printed in the catalogue.
  • Filmmakers who have submitted their films to the Viewing Room and choose to be present in Goa for the Film Bazaar, will have to register separately by paying the accreditation fee for Film Bazaar 2019. For more info, click here
    Please note: Filmmakers with films in the Viewing Room at the Film Bazaar in Goa may enter to check the quality of their film on the software only after registering for the market.
  • Films interested in Gap Financing | Finishing Funds should have all or a large part of the principal photography complete, but should not have had a theatrical release.
  • A filmmaker can choose to submit a film in the Work-in-Progress Lab section for no additional fee (for more information, please read the Rules | Regulations)

  • Submissions NOW OPEN!
  • The Viewing Room is active throughout the duration of Film Bazaar between 21 – 24 November, 2019.
  • The Early Bird Deadline for completed applications is 30 August, 2019 (11:59 pm IST).
  • The last date of submission of completed applications* is 16 September, 2019.

Extended Deadline : September 25, 2019

*An application is complete only after we receive the online form, payment and the film – either online or via USB drive

Application fee for feature-length films (above 60 minutes):

  • INR 6,000/- for submissions received before the Early Bird Deadline
  • INR 7,500/- for submissions received after the Early Bird Deadline

Application fee for short films (under 60 minutes)

  • INR 2,500/- for submissions received before the Early Bird Deadline
  • INR 3,000/- for submissions received after the Early Bird Deadline

Please pay the application fee at the time of submission for it to be considered complete.

For further clarifications, write to us at

  • Viewing Room (VR) has restricted entry and allows only buyers, world sales agents, distributors, film festival directors and representatives of digital platforms dealing with acquisitions to watch films from the VR Library.
  • A participating filmmaker is not allowed in the Viewing Room by virtue of having his/her film in the software. He/she can gain access if he/she is also a buyer of content for an existing platform.
  • If you have access to Viewing Room, your delegate badge will have a ‘Play’ (►) icon on it. If you wish to know before Film Bazaar whether you have access to Viewing Room, you can write to after you have registered successfully.
  • If a person without the Play icon on the badge wishes to watch your film, we would suggest you forward them a password-protected link to your film via email.

The NFDC Film Bazaar is a B2B platform aimed at promotion of South Asian films to an international and national market.

The Viewing Room at NFDC Film Bazaar is a paid platform provided to filmmakers to individually promote their film to international film festivals, world sales agents and buyers. This platform shall neither be construed as a commercial exploitation platform for the films in any manner nor shall it be construed that NFDC owns any exploitation rights of such films being promoted on this platform.
Participation on this platform is confirmed on receipt of completed application submission and payment and is not on a merit basis. The Film Bazaar Recommends section is curated by an external consultant from amongst the submitted films to the Viewing Room for purposes of highlighting contemporary styles of filmmaking. NDFC does not guarantee the authenticity and credibility of the filmmakers exhibiting the films via Viewing Room.

The films submitted are either in the rough cut or claim to be completed films. The final cut or content of the films may change after promotional exhibition via the Viewing Room, at the sole discretion of the respective filmmakers. All content of the films is provided on an “AS IS” or “AS AVAILABLE” basis and NFDC does not control or vet user generated content for accuracy. NDFC does not make any representation or warranty of any kind, express or implied, in relation to the films, its completeness, suitability, availability, accuracy, reliability, its contents or any other information made available in the Films or in the Viewing Room and any reliance you place on the same shall be strictly at your own risk.

The opinions, beliefs and viewpoints expressed by the filmmakers through their individual films are their own and do not reflect the opinions, beliefs and viewpoints of NFDC as an organization and NFDC does not endorse and cannot be held responsible for the same. NFDC shall not be held responsible for any content, views or opinions expressed by individual filmmakers via their films promoted at the Film Bazaar.

NFDC shall not be held responsible if the films are not in conformity with the applicable laws including laws relating to intellectual property, racism, blasphemy, defamation and privacy and NFDC hereby disclaims all liability arising from exhibition of the films via the Viewing Room.


Introduced in Film Bazaar 2011, the Viewing Room has been curated by Deepti DCunha. Since its inception, it has managed to help films get noticed by film programmers and distributors from all across the globe. In 2017, a total of 203 films across three categories were presented in the Viewing Room.

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