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The Producers’ Workshop is an extensive five-day, closed-door program designed to cover all aspects to mobilize a film project for producers, entrepreneurs and filmmakers. The program is ideal for delegates/participants who have a potential project.

Over the course of the workshop, key industry professionals and domain experts from across the globe will share their knowledge and insights on different facets of producing films such as development, pitching, funding, budgeting, film markets, rights management & distribution.

While, how to make the project pitch-ready is the end deliverable of the program, the structure is further developed to include focussed interactions and group mentoring.

The sessions are integrated with other verticals of Film Bazaar to give an overview of the opportunities that the producing framework offers in both mainstream and independent cinema with the help of case studies of successful films

This year, Producers’ workshop will focus on getting your film out there!

  1. Shaping up the project for cross-cultural & cross-border audience
  2. Collaborations for project enhancement & risk-sharing
  3. Building the project for monetization in the domestic & international market

Producers’ Workshop will help you in constructing a winning pitch for your projects, which will be reviewed and advised upon by mentors, workshop advisors, and potential collaborators.

Applications for Producers' Workshop 2024 will begin soon.